Privacy policy

This privacy and cookies policy is intended to describe how we collect and use personal identifiable information, we may also use cookies and web beacons.

About identifiable personal information policy

The personal identifiable data we collect are: IP address, browser settings and data, operating system info, session time and approximate geographic location. This data are collected for statistics and logs purpoises.

In addition, we may also collect other personal identifiable data, such as your name, email address, city and state. This data is required when specific features of the site are used: messages, song requests, comments and forms.

When we use personal identifiable data of the user for improvements, marketing, security or additional requirement purpoises, the use is always based on our legitimate interest, or by the user authorized partners.

No personal identifiable data is shared with other parties, except for the parties and partners specified in this document, necessary for the operation of the service or when requested and authorized by law.

About web beacons and cookies

What are cookies?

For the functioning of almost any website it is necessary to collect basic information of the user. To do so, the site will create small text files known as cookies, which are managed by the Internet browser used. Cookies are created in order to identify the user in ensuing visits to the site, or to authorize other sites to identify the user.

Cookies act in different ways to improve your experience when browsing on a site. For example, they can remember your preferences in sites which you visit frequently, remember your user, purchase charts and aid in browsing more efficiently. Furthermore, cookies also serve so that advertising displayed fulfills its purpose better. Certain data collected also serves to identify browsing standards and approximate geographic localization.

Certain sites also contain images known as "Web beacons". They are responsible for collecting limited information, including the number of the cookie, date, time and a record of the page where it is inserted. Sites can also contain Web beacons of partner sites and/or advertisers. These Web beacons do not contain any personal information which can be used to identify people and are only used in a particular campaign (for example, counting visits).

Information collected by cookies is now considered to be personal information.

How do we use cookies?

We collect cookies of our users for several reasons, such as the monitoring of own performance and improving the user’s experience, including with cookies of partner platforms for purposes of analysis and retargeting/remarketing. Among other things, the cookies used allow us to calculate how many visitors we have and how long they remain on our site.

What types of cookies do we use?

  • Persistent cookies - They are cookies which remain in the user’s device for a time determined in the cookie. They are activated whenever the user visits the site which created this cookie in particular.
  • Session cookies - They are cookies intended to store information while the user is browsing in the site. After the visit, when the page of the browser is closed, the session cookies are deleted.

Furthermore, we can classify the cookies in a broader way into 4 different categories, in their functions.

  • Cookies strictly necessary - Cookies essential for browsing and using the resources of the site. Without them, we are unable to provide the minimum functionality of the site. These cookies do not collect information about you which can be used for advertising or history on the Internet.
  • Performance cookies - They collect data for creating statistics and behavior of visitors to the site. They do not contain personal information such as the name and email address. They are used to improve your experience in visiting the site.
  • Functional cookies - They are cookies which allow the user to customize the experience on a site, such as remembering a login, preference of language and region, information displayed on the first visit to a site, among other similar events.

How do I control my cookies?

Some cookies are necessary to allow the functionality of the website and / or service provided.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, however, you can change your browser settings to delete or prevent cookies from being automatically obtained.